Code of conduct

As members of the HCA, all organisatons agree to:

  • Exhibit and encourage ethical and professional behaviour, accepting our positive duty to observe the highest possible standards in the practice of healthcare communications
  • Ensure reasonable steps are taken to inform, update and train all relevant personnel on a continuous basis
  • Abide by all relevant statutes and guidelines (e.g. The Medicines Act, ABPI, MRS and PAGB codes of practice)
  • Conduct all other activities with proper regard towards healthcare professionals, other professionals and organisations, the media and the public
  • Display professional respect, integrity, fairness and honesty in all dealings, relationships and negotiations
  • Have a positive duty to respect the truth at all times, ensuring information is balanced and accurate and not to disseminate facts or misleading information knowingly or recklessly, using proper care to avoid doing so inadvertently
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