AI Policy

Developing an Organization’s AI Policy

Developing an Organization’s AI Policy has been published to help our members in producing an AI policy for the first time, or as a checklist when reviewing an existing policy. In October 2023 we published our AI Roadmap in Current Medical Research and Opinion, which aimed to help those working in the sector recognise the importance of embracing AI and the opportunities it provides, whilst at the same time reminding organizations of the need for a clear AI policy to establish appropriate guardrails to ensure responsible and ethical use.

This new guide therefore provides direction on what areas need to be considered for inclusion in an AI policy and what policy decisions need to be made, as well as guidance on how the policy might be implemented. Importantly, the guide also reminds us that in such a rapidly changing environment, any AI policy needs to be ‘living’, with regular monitoring, evaluation, policy review and updating. 

The guide has been developed by the HCA’s Standards and Best Practice and Foresight Committees, by reviewing existing policies which have been established in our sector; policy guides from across related business sectors; and finally, by asking AI models themselves.

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