How to Make Organisational Change Work

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Title: How to Make Organisational Change Work

Date & Time: Thursday 28th September, 12:30pm BST

Presenter: Siegfried Marynissen


The pharmaceutical sector stands out as one of the most high-stakes industries. Developing a novel product demands an average span of 12 years and an investment exceeding a billion dollars. Within this timeframe, numerous variables can take an adverse turn, necessitating corporations to swiftly adapt their strategies, structures, and roadmaps. It's imperative to recognize that in such a landscape, change remains an ever-present certainty. Hence, the significance of adept change communication cannot be understated as a pivotal factor in sustaining organizational prosperity.

Frequently, organizational transformations fail to meet expectations, often due to a combination of factors. This results in a disenchanted workforce, disappointed by the gap between anticipated and actual outcomes. To ensure successful change management, the implementation of a robust communication strategy and a systematic execution plan is crucial. By adhering to a well-defined sequence of six essential steps, called the HexaComm©, teams can attain the necessary insights to ensure alignment on tasks, timelines, and methodologies. This informative session aims to elucidate these sequential procedures and highlight the tangible benefits of their effective implementation in driving positive business outcomes.


Siegfried Marynissen is a seasoned communications professional who has dedicated his entire career to the field of communications. With an impressive track record, he has held pivotal roles in orchestrating both internal and external communication strategies at Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson.

Siegfried has managed many diverse teams, ranging from local operations, including a significant tenure in Japan, to global cross-functional units during critical product launches. His adept handling of complex challenges at local and global levels underscores his ability to provide strategic communication counsel to business leaders and effectively manage global issues.

Following his tenure at Janssen, Siegfried founded his own consultancy, leveraging his expertise to assist companies navigating reorganizations. His unique approach, often centred around the power of storytelling, has proven instrumental in fostering team cohesion and driving successful outcomes. Notably, Siegfried's commitment to elevating business communication practices is further exemplified by his role as an educator, where he imparts his insights through postgraduate courses focused on storytelling in business.

Siegfried’s academic foundation includes a master's degree in corporate communications from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This academic rigor, combined with his extensive hands-on experience, positions him as a dynamic force in the realm of strategic communication, earning him a commendable reputation in the business world.

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How to Make Organisational Change Work

Virtual Meeting

Thu 28 Sep 2023

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM BST
(1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CEST)